Mixed Bag

Business / Finance / Mixed Bag: Used in the context of general equities. Group of stocks including some that are up, some down, and some neutral.

Other Words for Bag

Bag Verb Synonyms: catch, trap, ensnare, snare, entrap, capture, land, kill, shoot
Bag Noun Synonyms: sack, shopping bag, reticule, string bag, carrier bag, poke, pocket

Other Words for Mixed

Mixed Verb Synonyms: hybrid, half-bred, mongrel, interbred, cross-bred, impure, tainted, adulterated
Mixed Noun Synonyms: confused, muddled, varied, various, diverse, conflicting, contradictory, opposing, clashing, opposite

Mixed Layer

Science / Weather / Mixed Layer: It is the upper portion of the boundary layer in which air is thoroughly mixed by convection. In oceanography, it is the layer of the water that is mixed through wave action or thermohaline convection MORE

Mixed Media

Life Style / Painting / Mixed Media: One or more medium used in the same picture. Thus pastel and ink, pastel and water-colour, tempera and water-colour, etc. MORE

Mixed Metaphor

Life Style / Poetry / Mixed Metaphor: two awkwardly-yoked metaphors, such as 'kicking the spurs of zeal on the road to Abraham's bosom.' MORE

Mixed Precipitation

Science / Weather / Mixed Precipitation: Any of the following combinations of freezing and frozen precipitation: snow and sleet, snow and freezing rain, or sleet alone. Rain may also be present. MORE

Mixed Glyceride

Science / Chemistry / Mixed Glyceride: A diglyceride or triglyceride that contains more than one type of fatty acid connected to glycerol via an ester linkage. Natural oils and fats usually contain several different mixed glycerides. MORE

Mixed Epidemiuc

Health / Disease / Mixed Epidemiuc: A mixed epidemic occurs when a group of people is exposed when a group of people is exposed to a single common source of infection. AND the infection is spread from person to person (either directly o MORE