Modigliani And Miller Proposition I

Business / Finance / Modigliani And Miller Proposition I: A proposition by Franco Modigliani and Merton Miller that states that a firm cannot change the total value of its outstanding securities by changing its capital structure proportions. Also called the irrelevance proposition.


Health / Dentistry / Periapical: The area that surrounds the root tip of a tooth. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Peri-Implantitis: General term defining disease process surrounding and/or involving implanted foreign materials. Can be traumatic, ulcerative, resorptive, exfoliative. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Pergamino: A final thin, crumbly skin covering wet-processed coffee beans after the coffee berries have been skinned, the pulp removed, and the beans dried. MORE

Performance Standards

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance Standards: The tasks, functions or behavioral requirements established by the employer as goals to be accomplished by an employee. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Pericervical: The circular bone resorption that occurs about the necks of endosteal implants shortly after their insertion and that continues slowly during the time of the implant biologic presence. MORE


Science / Biology / Perichondrium: A layer of connective tissue that forms around the cartilage during bone formation. Cells in the perichondrium lay down a peripheral layer that develops into compact bone. MORE