Business / Finance / Momentum: The amount of acceleration of an economic, price, or volume movement. A trader who follows a movement strategy will purchase stocks that have recently risen in price.

Other Words for Momentum

Momentum Adjective Synonyms: energy, force, drive, strength, impetus, power, inertia, impulse, thrust, push

Momentum Indicators

Business / Finance / Momentum Indicators: Indicators used in market analysis to quantify the momentum of upward and downward price movements. MORE

Momentum Investing

Business / Taxes / Momentum Investing: A momentum investor focuses on stocks that are rising in value on increasing daily volume, and avoids stocks that are falling in price or that are perceived to be undervalued. The logic is that when a MORE

Earnings Momentum

Business / Finance / Earnings Momentum: The percent increase or decrease in earnings per share from those of the preceding calendar year. The 5-10 year average percent changes are expressed as compound annual rates. MORE

Angular Momentum Quantum Number

Science / Chemistry / Angular Momentum Quantum Number: (ell) azimuthal quantum number; orbital angular momentum quantum number. A quantum number that labels the subshells of an atom. Sometimes called the orbital angular momentum quantum number, this quant MORE

Price Momentum

Business / Finance / Price Momentum: Related: Relative strength MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Quit: ('quit on the shot') not following-through completely with momentum, decelerating through impact MORE