Business / Finance / Monitor: To seek information about an agent's behavior; a mechanism that provides such information.

Other Words for Monitor

Monitor Noun Synonyms: watchdog, supervisor, sentinel, guard, guardian, custodian, invigilator, prefect, prepositor or praepostor, proctor

Biologic Monitoring

Health / Disease / Biologic Monitoring: Measuring hazardous substances in biologic materials (such as blood, hair, urine, or breath) to determine whether exposure has occurred. A blood test for lead is an example of biologic monitoring. MORE

Multiscan Monitor

Technology / Television (TV) / Multiscan Monitor: Monitors that are capable of displaying a range of resolutions or graphics standards having different horizontal and vertical frequencies. MORE

National Nutrition Monitoring And Related Research Act Of 1990

Business / Agriculture / National Nutrition Monitoring And Related Research Act Of 1990: P.L. 101-445 was enacted to establish a comprehensive, coordinated program for nutrition monitoring and related research to improve the assessment of the health and nutrition of the U.S. population. T MORE

Studio Monitors

Technology / Home Audio / Studio Monitors: Speakers used in recording studios for playback and mixing of source recordings. While these are commonly thought of as extremely highly developed speakers, it is often true that some home oriented sp MORE

Performance Monitoring

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance Monitoring: The practice of monitoring employees while they perform their jobs through the use of surveillance cameras, telephone or computer monitoring. MORE

Delivery Monitoring

Technology / Email / Delivery Monitoring: A process, usually using third party tools and techniques, to measure true delivery rates by campaign and ISP. Also tracks the amount and type of email tagged and/or blocked by server and client-side MORE