Business / Finance / NM: Abbreviation for 'not meaningful'.

National Environmental Policy Act

Business / Real Estate / National Environmental Policy Act: The Act requires an environmental impact statement for federal actions that significantly affect the quality of the environment. MORE

Environmental Hazards Disclosure

Business / Real Estate / Environmental Hazards Disclosure: By California law (AB 983) a real estate agent or owner is required to inform prospective buyers of environmental hazards located on a residental property. MORE

California Environmental Quality Act

Business / Real Estate / California Environmental Quality Act: The Act allows local governments to require environmental impact reports for private or government projects that may have a significant impact on the environment. MORE

Environmental Equity- Justice

Business / Agriculture / Environmental Equity- Justice: Equal protection from environmental hazards for individuals, groups, or communities regardless of race, ethnicity, or economic status. This applies to the development, implementation, and enforcement MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Enlightenment: (also called the neoclassic movement) the philosophical and artistic movement growing out of the Renaissance and continuing until the nineteenth century. The Enlightenment was an optimistic belief tha MORE

Environmental Impact Statement

Business / Real Estate / Environmental Impact Statement: Required by the National Environmental Policy Act and applies to federal government actions or legislation, it includes relevant data about an action and an analysis of its effect on the environment. MORE