Need The Tick

Business / Finance / Need The Tick: Used for listed equity securities. A stock must trade up/down at least one tick (1/8) in order to comply with regulations governing short sales/corporate repurchases.

Other Words for Need

Need Noun Synonyms: require, demand, want, be in want of, call for, have need of or for, lack, miss, have occasion for
Need Verb Synonyms: essential, necessary, requisite, prerequisite, necessity, basic, fundamental, sine qua non, necessary, desideratum

Other Words for The

The Adjective Synonyms: drama, the stage, dramaturgy, dramatic or Thespian or histrionic art(s), the boards, show business, showbiz

Rub Of The Green

Entertainment / Golf / Rub Of The Green: An accident, not caused by the player or caddie, for which there is no relief under the rules (generally associated with a bad break) MORE

Root Of The Title

Business / Real Estate / Root Of The Title: The original grant (or root) of the title. MORE

Run Out Of The Gun

Entertainment / Football / Run Out Of The Gun: Running the ball out of the shotgun formation, which is primarily a pass formation. MORE

Run With The Land

Business / Real Estate / Run With The Land: A phrase describing rights or covenants that bind or benefit successive owners of a property. An example is a restrictive building covenant in a recorded deed that would affect all future owners of th MORE

Running Out The Clock

Entertainment / Football / Running Out The Clock: A game strategy that involves repeatedly executing simple plays that allow the game clock to continue running in an effort to bring the game to a quicker end. This strategy is almost always employed b MORE

Root Canal Therapy

Health / Dentistry / Root Canal Therapy: The process of treating disease or inflammation of the pulp or root canal. This involves removing the pulp and root's nerve(s) and filling the canal(s) with an appropriate material to permanently seal MORE