New High-New Low

Business / Finance / New High-New Low: A stock valued at its highest or lowest price in the last year.

Other Words for Low

Low Adjective Synonyms: short, squat, little, small, stubby, stumpy, stunted, low-lying

Other Words for New

New Adjective Synonyms: fresh, further, additional, supplemental, supplementary
New Adverb Synonyms: novel, original, unique, unusual, different, fresh, creative, imaginative, brand-new

New Years Day

Life Style / Holiday / New Years Day: The tradition of ringing in the new year began from the Roman God Janus, who had two faces - one for looking forward the other for looking backward. Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor, decided that the MORE

New World Wine

Life Style / Wine / New World Wine: Wines produced outside of the traditional wine growing areas of Europe and North Africa. MORE

New World

Life Style / Wine / New World: Broadly the world of wine is divided into Old World and New. The New World includes North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. The New World countries have seen explosions in quality and quan MORE

New Werner Motorcycle

Technology / Motorcycle / New Werner Motorcycle: Unveiled at the 1901 Cycle & Motor Show in Paris, the "New Werner" is one of the early motorbikes to have its engine mounted in the lower part of the frame (most motorcycles since then use this engine MORE

New Years Eve

Life Style / Holiday / New Years Eve: A traditional time of celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Many people attend parties and celebrations however some treat New Year's Eve as a religious time to pray and medi MORE

New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE)

Business / Finance / New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE): Commodities exchange in New York trading futures and options on cotton, frozen concentrated orange juice, and potatoes, as well as interest rate, currency, and index futures and options. MORE