No Autex

Business / Finance / No Autex: Used in the context of general equities. 'No buy or sell interest should be entered into the Autex (advertising) system.' Inquirers do not want exposure of an inquiry to affect the price at which they hope to ultimately transact the trade, hence disturbing the customer's picture.

Norman Invasion

Entertainment / Literature / Norman Invasion: Not to be confused with D-Day during World War II, medieval historians use this title for a much earlier invasion in 1066. Duke William of Normandy's conquest of England from 1066-1087 had profound im MORE

Norman Conquest

Entertainment / Literature / Norman Conquest: Loosely, another term for the Norman Invasion, though technically some historians prefer to differentiate between the 'Norman Invasion' and the 'Norman Conquest' by limiting the scope of the invasion MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Norman: An inhabitant of Normandy, a region along the northern coast of France. The word Norman comes from a cognate for 'northmen,' for the Norman aristocracy of the region originally descended from Danish ( MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Normandy: The region along the northern coast of France. See Norman for more information. MORE

Normative Forecasting

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Normative Forecasting: A method of projecting future needs in order to determine what developments will be required to meet those needs. MORE

North American Cellular Network (NACN)

Technology / Cell Phones / North American Cellular Network (NACN): An organization of cellular providers that facilitates cellular calls across the country to be linked for seamless roaming. MORE