Business / Finance / Noise: Price and volume fluctuations that can confuse interpretation of market direction. Used in the context of general equities. Stock market activity caused by program trades, dividend rolls, and other phenomena not reflective of general sentiment. Antithesis of real.

Other Words for Noise

Noise Noun Synonyms: sound, clamour, crash, clap, clash, clangour, din, thunder, thundering, rumble, rumbling, outcry, hubbub, uproar, hullabaloo, racket, charivari or and also shivaree, rattle, caterwauling, rumpus, blare, blast, blasting, bawling, babel
Noise Adjective Synonyms: sound, disturbance

Signal-To-Noise Ratio

Science / Spiders / Signal-To-Noise Ratio: ratio of signal variance to noise variance, computed for a given band limit. MORE

Dolby Noise Reduction

Technology / Home Audio / Dolby Noise Reduction: Decodes Dolby-encoded cassette tapes during playback to virtually eliminate the tape hiss which is especially apparent in quiet environments. Dolby B is the most widely used system. Dolby C is an exte MORE

Pink Noise

Technology / Home Audio / Pink Noise: Pink noise is a random noise source characterized by a flat amplitude response per octave band of frequency, i.e., it has equal energy, or constant power, per octave. Pink noise is created by passing MORE

Noise Gate

Technology / Home Audio / Noise Gate: An expander with a fixed 'infinite' downward expansion ratio. Used extensively for controlling unwanted noise, such as preventing 'open' microphones and 'hot' instrument pick-ups from introducing extr MORE

White Noise

Technology / Home Audio / White Noise: Random noise with equal energy per frequency is called white noise. It tends to sound very bright and 'hissy' due to the unique characteristics of the human ear's frequency response curve. Each ascend MORE

Noise Figure

Technology / Television (TV) / Noise Figure: A measure of the performance (noise contribution) of an LNB in decibels: the lower the better. MORE