Business / Finance / Nominee: A person or firm to whom securities or other properties are transferred to facilitate transactions, while leaving the customer as the actual owner.

Other Words for Nominee

Nominee Adjective Synonyms: candidate, office-seeker, designee, selectee, appointee, assignee

Nominee Name

Business / Taxes / Nominee Name: Nominee name is the name that a brokerage firm uses to register ownership of stocks or bonds it holds for investors. Holding stock in a single generic name, sometimes known as street name, makes it ea MORE


Business / Accounting / Transfer: (See money wire.) MORE

Street Name

Business / Finance / Street Name: Means Wall Street financial community; brokers, dealers, underwriters, and other knowledgeable participants. MORE


Business / Taxes / Safekeeping: Safekeeping occurs when a broker-dealer holds securities for a client that are registered in the client’s name. The advantage from the client’s perspective is that the securities are safe and the MORE

Cumulative Voting

Business / Finance / Cumulative Voting: An entry in a translated balance sheet in which gains and/or losses from translation have been accumulated over a period of years. The C.T.A. account is required under the FASB No. 52 rule. MORE

Statutory Voting

Business / Finance / Statutory Voting: The surplus of an insurance company determined by the accounting treatment of both assets and liabilities as established by state statutes. MORE