Business / Finance / Nonrecourse: In the case of default, the lender has ability to claim assets over and above what the limited partners contributed.

Nonrecourse Loans

Business / Agriculture / Nonrecourse Loans: Farmers or processors participating in government commodity programs may pledge certain stored commodities as collateral and obtain a loan from the CCC at a commodity-specific, per-unit loan rate. The MORE

Nonrecourse Loan

Business / Finance / Nonrecourse Loan: A loan taken by limited partners used to finance their portion of the partnership, which is secured by their ownership in the venture. MORE

Findley Payments

Business / Agriculture / Findley Payments: Under the so-called Findley Provision authorized by the Food Security Act of 1985 (and first sponsored by former Congressman Paul Findley), USDA was able to reduce the basic, formula-set nonrecourse l MORE

Loan Forfeiture

Business / Agriculture / Loan Forfeiture: Under commodity program rules, a producer or processor who pledges a stored commodity as collateral to the Commodity Credit Corporation to obtain a nonrecourse loan can settle the repayment obligation MORE

County Loan Rate

Business / Agriculture / County Loan Rate: Nonrecourse loan rates vary from county to county to account for transportation cost differences to the nearest terminal elevator. The weighted average for all county loan rates - the actual loan leve MORE

Burley Tobacco

Business / Agriculture / Burley Tobacco: The main type of air-cured tobacco: a cigarette tobacco that together with flue-cured tobacco account for more than 90% of total U.S. production. Burley tobacco production is limited by national marke MORE