Business / Finance / OPM: Stands for 'other people's money,' which refers to borrowed funds used to increase the return on invested capital.

Finality Development

Entertainment / Photography / Finality Development: Prolonged development, reducing silver halides affected by light to silver until no further image density improvement occurs. MORE

Purchase Of Development Rights (PDR)

Business / Agriculture / Purchase Of Development Rights (PDR): The acquisition of property development rights through voluntary sale by the landowner to a government agency or land trust. The government agency or land trust acquiring development rights typically MORE

Transfer Of Development Rights (TDR)

Business / Agriculture / Transfer Of Development Rights (TDR): Property rights that may not be used on the land from which they were derived: usually they are sold from areas where uses are restricted, such as active agricultural areas, to receiving or growth are MORE

Two-Bath Development

Entertainment / Photography / Two-Bath Development: Development of negatives in two stages. Developer without alkali is followed by an alkali bath, which activates development. MORE

Surface Development

Entertainment / Photography / Surface Development: Development process in which the image forms primarily on the surface of the emulsion and then penetrates deeper. MORE

American Resort Development Association (ARDA)

Life Style / Time Shares / American Resort Development Association (ARDA): Based in Washington, D.C., this is the foremost trade association representing the timeshare ownership and property development industries. ARDA advocates on behalf of resort owners and developers and MORE