On Board

Business / Finance / On Board: Used in the context of general equities. Long.

Other Words for Board

Board Verb Synonyms: go aboard, ship aboard, enter, embark on
Board Noun Synonyms: plank, scantling, timber

Coquille Board

Life Style / Painting / Coquille Board: An illustration board intended for the commercial artist. The working face has a shallow dotted, stippled or textured embossing. When this is drawn upon with crayon or pencil a type of half-tone is pr MORE


Life Style / Painting / Hardboard: (also termed: Beaverboard, Masonite, Upson board) These boards are made from wood-pulp and/or waste paper. The front presents a smooth hard surface, the back having a textured tooth resembling a rever MORE

Free On Board (FOB)

Business / Agriculture / Free On Board (FOB): Indicates that the seller assumes all responsibilities and costs up to the specific point or stage of delivery named including transportation, packing, insuring, etc. A wide variety of f.o.b. Terms is MORE

Promotion Program

Business / Agriculture / Promotion Program: Any program by an approved commodity promotion board or marketing order, including paid advertising, to present a favorable image of an agricultural commodity to the public to stimulate sales and impr MORE

Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Program

Business / Agriculture / Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Program: A national program authorized by the Fluid Milk Promotion Act of 1990 (Fluid Act) with the purpose of increasing consumption of milk and dairy products and reducing milk surpluses by developing generi MORE


Entertainment / Golf / One-Putt: When only one putt is taken on a green to hole the ball MORE