Business / Finance / Oporto: Portugal's derivatives exchange (Bolsa de Derivados do Oporto) trading futures on the ten-year government bond, Portuguese stock index, and three-month interbank deposit rate LISBOR (Lisbon Interbank Offered Rate).

Portuguiser (Blau)

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Portuguiser (Blau): Widely grown in Germany and Austria. Has synonym names Portugizac, K├ękoporto in Croatia (former Yugoslavia), Portugais Bleu in S.W. France and Portuguiser in Austria. While not indigenous to eastern MORE

Grau Portuguiser

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Grau Portuguiser: V.vinifera variety grown in Austria and elsewhere in central and eastern Europe. Has synonym name Oporto Szuerke in Hungary and Kraljevina in Croatia (former Yugoslavia). This V.vinifera vine is repor MORE