Or Better

Business / Finance / Or Better: Used in the context of general equities. Indication on the order ticket of a limit order to buy or sell securities at a price better than the specified limit price if a better price can be obtained. Does not imply a not-held order, but rather puts more emphasis on executing at the limit if available.

Other Words for Better

Better Adverb Synonyms: preferably, best, more wisely, more advisedly, more safely
Better Verb Synonyms: improve, ameliorate, advance, raise, elevate
Better Adjective Synonyms: superior
Better Noun Synonyms: advantage, mastery, superiority, control

Search History

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search History: Many search engines store user search history information. This data can be used for better ad targeting or to make old information more findable. Search engines may also determine what a document is MORE

Limit On Close Order

Business / Finance / Limit On Close Order: An order to buy or sell stock at the closing price only if the price is at a predetermined level or better. MORE

Registered Memory

Technology / Computers / Registered Memory: This memory uses 'registers' which are extra chips designed to delay the flow of data. By delaying the data flow, it allows for better control over communication in systems with heavily loaded memory. MORE