Business / Finance / Originator: A bank, savings and loan, or mortgage banker that initially made a mortgage loan that is part of a pool. Also, an investment bank that has worked with the issuer of a new securities offering from the beginning and is usually appointed manager of the underwriting syndicate.

Third Party Originator

Business / Real Estate / Third Party Originator: Third-party originators prepare loan applications for borrowers and submit the applications to lenders. MORE

Primary Lenders

Business / Real Estate / Primary Lenders: Originators of real estate loans including commercial banks, savings and loan associations and mutual savings banks. MORE

Wholesale Agreements

Business / Real Estate / Wholesale Agreements: An agreement of a loan originator to work exclusively with a single lender. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Cubism: Early twentieth century european art movement characterized by the rendering of forms as simplified planes, lines and geometric shapes. MORE

Jamaica Blue Mountain Style

Life Style / Coffee / Jamaica Blue Mountain Style: Various blends of coffee intended by their originators to approximate the qualities of authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain. These blends may contain no actual Jamaican coffee. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Diana: Is an old-line nineteenth century American labruscana variety named after Diana Crehore, the originator, first exhibited in 1843. Once commonly grown in the Finger Lakes region of New York, it was one MORE