Outside Of You

Business / Finance / Outside Of You: Used for listed equity securities. Another order bidding for or offering stock at the same price that the trader has put on the floor himself, represented by another broker in the trading crowd. These orders may have different price limits (possible top or low on floor mentioned to floor broker but not announced in the crowd). See: Matching orders.

Other Words for Outside

Outside Noun Synonyms: aspect, appearance, look, demeanor, face, front, facade, mien, mask, disguise, false front, pretence
Outside Adjective Synonyms: private, home, cottage, secondary, peripheral, independent, freelance
Outside Adverb Synonyms: exterior, face, facing, shell, skin, case, casing, surface, front, facade

Pie Model Of Capital Structure

Business / Finance / Pie Model Of Capital Structure: A model of the debt-equity ratio of the firms, graphically depicted in slices of a pie that represent the value of the firm in the capital markets. MORE

Picked Off

Entertainment / Football / Picked Off: Intercepted. MORE

Pick Off

Entertainment / Baseball / Pick Off: An attempt by the pitcher to get a base runner out by throwing to the base from the stretch position. MORE