Outstanding Shares

Business / Finance / Outstanding Shares: Shares that are currently owned by investors.

Other Words for Outstanding

Outstanding Verb Synonyms: prominent, eminent, renowned, famous, famed, unforgettable, memorable, celebrated, distinguished, special, choice, noteworthy, notable, noted, important, conspicuous, exceptional, excellent, superior, first-class, first-rate, superb, remarkable, extraordi
Outstanding Adjective Synonyms: unsettled, on-going, unresolved, unpaid, due, owed or owing, receivable or payable, remaining, leftover

Floating Shares

Business / Taxes / Floating Shares: Floating shares are shares of a public corporation that are available for trading in a stock market. The number of floating shares may be smaller than the company’s outstanding shares if founding pa MORE

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Business / Accounting / Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): How long on average it takes a company to collect the money owed to it. MORE

Days Sales Outstanding

Business / Finance / Days Sales Outstanding: The average number of days' worth of sales that is held in inventory. MORE

Equal Shares Swap

Business / Finance / Equal Shares Swap: Selling common stock/convertibles in one company and reinvesting the proceeds in as many shares of (1) another type of security issued by the company, or (2) another security of the same type but of a MORE

Fully Diluted Earnings Per Shares

Business / Finance / Fully Diluted Earnings Per Shares: An asset that has already been charged with the maximum amount of depreciation allowed by the IRS for accounting purposes. MORE

Identified Shares

Business / Finance / Identified Shares: Treasury savings bonds with a 30-yeat maturity indexed to account for inflation. MORE