Business / Finance / Overhang: Used in the context of general equities. Sizable block of securities or commodities contracts that, if released on the market, would put downward pressure on prices; prohibits buying activity that would otherwise translate into upward price movement. Examples include shares held in a dealer's inventory, a large institutional holding, a secondary distribution still in registration, and a large commodity position about to be liquidated.

Other Words for Overhang

Overhang Adjective Synonyms: impend, threaten, menace, imperil, loom
Overhang Verb Synonyms: jut (out), beetle, bulge (out), project (out), protrude, stick out, loom (out), extend (out), hang (out) over

Market Overhang

Business / Finance / Market Overhang: The theory that, in certain situations, institutions wish to sell their shares but postpone the sale because large orders under current market conditions would drive down the share price and that the MORE


Business / Construction / Eaves: The horizontal exterior roof overhang. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Flange: 1. The back edge of the sole (bottom) of an iron club (usually associated with the sand wedge) 2. A style of putter head with a slightly projecting rear-bottom edge MORE