Business / Finance / Overhead: The expenses of a business that are not attributable directly) the production or sale of goods.

Other Words for Overhead

Overhead Adverb Synonyms: (basic or fixed) costs, operating cost(s), expense(s), outlay, disbursement(s), running cost(s), expenditure(s), maintenance, cost(s) of doing business
Overhead Verb Synonyms: (up) above, (up) in the air or sky, high up, on high, aloft, skyward
Overhead Noun Synonyms: elevated, raised, upper

Overhead Pass

Entertainment / Basketball / Overhead Pass: An overhead pass is another fundamental passing technique. It is used by snapping the ball over the head, like a soccer throw-in. MORE

Overhead Valve (OHV)

Technology / Motorcycle / Overhead Valve (OHV): A type of piston engine that places the camshaft in the cylinder block and uses pushrods or rods to actuate rocker arms above the cylinder head to actuate the valves. Lifters or tappets reside in the MORE

Overhead Boom Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Overhead Boom Microphone: Held on a long arm by a boom operator, positioned above the actors' heads and out of view of the camera, it is equipped with a hypercardioid microphone so that sound from the direction it is pointed w MORE

Double Overhead Cam (DOHC)

Technology / Motorcycle / Double Overhead Cam (DOHC): Designation for engines that utilize one camshaft to open the engine intake valves and another to open the exhaust valves. This optimizes valve timing for better performance. (Compare SOHC). MORE

Direct Overhead

Business / Finance / Direct Overhead: Contract in which a lessor purchases new equipment from the manufacturer and leases it to the lessee. MORE

Single Overhead Cam (SOHC)

Technology / Motorcycle / Single Overhead Cam (SOHC): A single cam shaft found in the head or top of the engine that activates the valves. (Compare DOHC). MORE