Business / Finance / P: Fifth letter of Nasdaq stock symbol specifying issue is the company's first class of preferred shares.

Expiration Date

Health / Dentistry / Expiration Date: The date indicated in an insurance contract as the date coverage expires. MORE

Implant Dentist

Health / Dentistry / Implant Dentist: One who practices art and science of implant dentistry. MORE

Implant Denture

Health / Dentistry / Implant Denture: A denture which receives its stability and retention from a dental implant. MORE

Implant Surgery

Health / Dentistry / Implant Surgery: That portion of implant dentistry that concerns itself with the placement of implant devices. MORE

Direct Pulp Cap

Health / Dentistry / Direct Pulp Cap: The procedure in which the exposed pulp is covered with a dressing or cement that protects the pulp and promotes healing and repair MORE

Corporate Citizenship

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Corporate Citizenship: "Corporate Citizenship is the contribution a company makes to society through its core business activities, its social investment and philanthropy programs, and its engagement in public policy. The ma MORE