PP and E

Business / Finance / PP and E: See Property, Plant & Equipment.

Peru Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Peru Current: A South Pacific Ocean current setting northward along the west coast of South America. It has sometimes been called the Humboldt Current because an early record of its temperature was taken by the Ger MORE


Business / Agriculture / Pest: An animal or plant that is directly or indirectly detrimental to human interests, causing harm or reducing the quality and value of a harvestable crop or other resource. Weeds, termites, rats, and mil MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Peru: The best Peru coffee is flavorful, aromatic, gentle, and mildly acidy. Chanchamayo from south-central Peru, and Urubamba, from a growing district farther south near Machu Picchu, are the best-known ma MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Pertsovka: A Russian brand of peppered vodka. 80 proof. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Perspective: Relationship of size and shape of three-dimensional objects represented in two-dimensional space. MORE

Pest Resistance Management (PRM) Plans

Business / Agriculture / Pest Resistance Management (PRM) Plans: To protect the continued use of biopesticides, the Environmental Protection Agency is requiring companies developing transgenic crops (see genetic engineering) to submit and implement pest resistance MORE