P and I

Business / Finance / P and I: Stands for principal and interest on bonds or mortgage-backed securities.

High And Tight

Entertainment / Baseball / High And Tight: Referring to a pitch that's up in the strike zone and inside on a hitter. Also known as "up and in.’ MORE

Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Business / Agriculture / Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Point (HACCP): A production quality control system now being adopted throughout much of the food industry as a method for minimizing the entry of food borne pathogens into the food supply in order to protect human h MORE


Life Style / Adoption / INS: INS has changed its name to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, now a bureau under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. MORE

National Rural Economic Development Institute (NREDI)

Business / Agriculture / National Rural Economic Development Institute (NREDI): Helps develop the capacity of the National Rural Development Partnership and its constituent organizations (State Rural Development Councils and the National Rural Development Council) by providing ec MORE

Navel To Spine

Health / Pilates / Navel To Spine: The process of drawing your abdominal muscles up and in as you imagine your navel drawing toward your spine. This is an original cue that was used by Joseph Pilates. Performing navel to spine as you e MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Viking: Technically, in its most exclusive sense, a viking is a pirate, any individual that goes i-viking (plundering') regardless of the buccaneer's ethnicity. Historically, Irishmen, Anglo-Saxons, Franks, B MORE