P and S

Business / Finance / P and S: Purchase and sale statement. A statement provided by the broker showing change in the customer's net ledger balance after the offset of any previously established positions.

Sheep Promotion

Business / Agriculture / Sheep Promotion: P.L. 103-407 (October 22, 1994) enabled sheep producers and feeders and importers of sheep and sheep products to develop, finance, and carry out a nationally coordinated program for sheep and sheep pr MORE

Pin Grid Array (PGA)

Technology / Computers / Pin Grid Array (PGA): A type of chip package in which the connecting pins are located on the bottom in concentric squares. PGA chips are particularly good for chips that have many pins, such as modern microprocessors. Comp MORE

Twisted Pair

Technology / Computers / Twisted Pair: A type of cabling in which two small insulated copper wires are wrapped and twisted around each other to minimize interference. Twisted pair is used in UTP and STP cabling on Ethernet networks. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Depth: Depth describes the resonance or sensual power behind the sensations that drive the taste of the coffee. It is a tricky and subjective term, but it tries to get at the way certain coffees open up and MORE

Lonsdale Method Of Lymphatic Massage

Health / Massage / Lonsdale Method Of Lymphatic Massage: This technique offers a unique integration of osteopathic visceral manipulation, using both deep and superficial lymphatic drainage techniques and strokes that are nurturing and effective in detoxifyi MORE

Press Wine

Life Style / Wine / Press Wine: During the winemaking process the wine must be taken from the grape solids - pips, skins, pulp and stalks. First it may be run off - this is the free-run wine and is of higher quality than the wine ob MORE