Par Value

Business / Finance / Par Value: The stated value of a share of stock. Par is usually a minimal value (such as $.01) and bears no relation to the market value of the shares. See also contributed capital.

Other Words for Par

Par Verb Synonyms: level, rank, standing, scale, standard
Par Noun Synonyms: standard, normal, average, expected

Face Value

Business / Taxes / Face Value: Face value, or par value, is the dollar value of a bond or note, generally $1,000. That is the amount the issuer has borrowed, usually the amount you pay to buy the bond at the time it is issued, and MORE


Business / Debt / Value: The worth or desirability of something expressed as an amount of money. MORE

No-Par Stock

Business / Accounting / No-Par Stock: Stock that does not have a par value printed on the face of the stock certificate. MORE

No-Par-Value Stock

Business / Finance / No-Par-Value Stock: A stock with no par value given in the charter or stock certificate. MORE

Maturity Value

Business / Accounting / Maturity Value: The amount of an obligation to be collected or paid at maturity: equal to principal plus any interest. MORE

Conversion Value

Business / Finance / Conversion Value: Applies mainly to convertible securities. Relationship that determines how many shares of common stock will be received in exchange for each convertible bond or preferred stock when a conversion takes MORE