Par Value Of Currency

Business / Finance / Par Value Of Currency: The official exchange rate between two countries' currencies.

Other Words for Par

Par Noun Synonyms: standard, normal, average, expected
Par Verb Synonyms: level, rank, standing, scale, standard


Entertainment / Ballet / Partnering: In general, partnering is an effort by both the male and female dancers to achieve a harmony of movement so that the audience is unaware of the mechanics to enjoy the emotional effects. Also known as MORE

Partners For Wildlife

Business / Agriculture / Partners For Wildlife: A voluntary partnership program administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service to provide financial and technical assistance to private landowners who wish to protect or restore wetlands. This program MORE


Business / Finance / Partner: Business associate who shares equity in a firm. MORE

Partly Cloudy

Science / Weather / Partly Cloudy: The state of the weather when the clouds are conspicuously present, but do not completely dull the sky or the day at any moment. The National Weather Service does not have an amount of sky cover for t MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Partitioning: Dividing a spectrum license into two or more geographic areas. MORE

Partners In Quality

Business / Agriculture / Partners In Quality: An AMS documented quality assurance system for fresh produce packing houses. Those that incorporate the program’s rigorous quality standards and requirements (monitored by periodic unannounced AMS a MORE