Business / Finance / Parameter: A model is a combination of variables, such as GDP growth, and coefficients which multiply these variables. The coefficients are often estimated from the data. The coefficients are called parameters.

Theile-Small Parameters

Technology / Home Audio / Theile-Small Parameters: The work of Neville Theile and Richard Small is considered to have the most impact on the loudspeaker design field. They discovered a method that could predict the frequency response performance, and MORE

Request Parameter List (RPL)

Technology / Computers / Request Parameter List (RPL): A VTAM (Virtual Telecommunications Access Method) control block that contains parameters necessary for processing a request (data transfer, connecting or disconnecting a terminal, etc). Also, Relocata MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Acclimation: Given a change of a single parameter, a readjustment of the physiology of an organism, reaching a new steady state MORE

Water Mass

Science / Geology / Water Mass: A mass of water that fills part of an ocean or lake and is distinguished by its uniform physical and chemical properties, such as temperature and salinity. MORE

Spatial Autocorrelation

Science / Marine Biology / Spatial Autocorrelation: A situation in which some parameter at any location (e.g., population density) can be predicted through a knowledge of the values of the parameter in other locations MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Din: Acronym for Deutsche Industrie Norm (Deutsches Institut fuer Normung), the German standardization body. A world reference standard for the mounting parameters of many common receivers ( Head ends) as MORE