Participate But Do Not Initiate

Business / Finance / Participate But Do Not Initiate: Used for listed equity securities. 'Participate in the side of the market indicated by the order, but do not initiate the interest that causes the trade to take place.' This kind of order can cause one to 'miss stock' because the broker of investor is at the mercy of the player who does initiate the trade. See: Market order go along, percentage order.

Other Words for Initiate

Initiate Noun Synonyms: admit, accept, introduce
Initiate Verb Synonyms: begin, commence, enter upon or on, originate, introduce, set in motion, start, give rise to, get under way, launch, get or set going, trigger, set off, actuate, activate, instigate, institute, inaugurate

Other Words for Participate

Participate Noun Synonyms: take part (in), share (in), partake (in or of), join (in), engage (in), get or become involved (in), be or become associated (with), enter (in or into), contribute (to)

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Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD)

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