Business / Finance / Peak: The high point at the end of an economic expansion until the start of a contraction.

Other Words for Peak

Peak Noun Synonyms: top, tip, tiptop, apex, acme, culmination, apogee, zenith, high point, crown, extreme, utmost, uttermost, perfection, ne plus ultra, consummation, climax
Peak Adjective Synonyms: top, pinnacle, crest, ridge, tor, mountain top, summit, mountain, eminence, elevation, hill

Poetic Speaker

Entertainment / Literature / Poetic Speaker: The narrative or elegiac voice in a poem (such as a sonnet, ode, or lyric) that speaks of his or her situation or feelings. It is a convention in poetry that the speaker is not the same individual as MORE

Peak Power Handling (Max)

Technology / Home Audio / Peak Power Handling (Max): Peak power handling refers to the amount of power a speaker is estimated to handle during a brief high-intensity musical burst. Since this can vary with both frequency and amplitude, it is a much less MORE

Center Channel Speaker

Technology / Home Audio / Center Channel Speaker: The center channel speaker reproduces almost all of a movie's dialogue and much of the special effects. Since its purpose is to keep sound anchored to the on-screen action, a good center channel speak MORE

Bridge Mounted (2 and 3-Way Speakers)

Technology / Home Audio / Bridge Mounted (2 and 3-Way Speakers): In combined 2 and 3-way speakers, which have woofers together with a Tweeter, or a Tweeter and a Midrange Driver, the smaller drivers are attached to the woofer by either one of two standard mountings MORE

Surround Speakers

Technology / Home Audio / Surround Speakers: In a home theater system, the speakers located beside or behind the listening/viewing position. These speakers can be mounted on the walls, placed on stands, or set on bookshelves. They help create an MORE

Outside Speaker

Entertainment / Literature / Outside Speaker: The 'speaker' of a poem or story presented in third-person point of view, i.e., the imaginary voice that speaks of other characters in the third person (as he / she / they) without ever revealing the MORE