Pension Parachute

Business / Finance / Pension Parachute: A form of poison pill providing that in the event of a hostile takeover attempt, any excess pension plan assets can be used to benefit pension plan participants. This prevents the raiding firm from using the pension assets to finance the takeover.

Other Words for Pension

Pension Noun Synonyms: benefit, allowance, annuity, subsistence, superannuation, allotment, old-age pension, social security, golden handshake

Pension Sponsors

Business / Finance / Pension Sponsors: Organizations that have established a pension plan. MORE

Plunger Suspension

Technology / Motorcycle / Plunger Suspension: In the 1930’s the "plunger" motorcycle frame suspension began to replace the rigid frames of earlier bikes. This was designed so the rear axle would move up and down two vertical posts to absorb roa MORE

Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plan

Business / Finance / Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plan: The return from investments figured by dividing income plus capital gains by the amount of capital invested. The effect of compounding is not taken into account. MORE

Pension Reversion

Business / Finance / Pension Reversion: Termination of an overfunded defined benefit pension plan and replacement of it with a life insurance company-sponsored fixed annuity plan. MORE

Pension Plan

Business / Accounting / Pension Plan: A contract between a company and it employees whereby the company agrees to pay benefits to employees after their retirement. MORE

Pension Mortgage

Business / Debt / Pension Mortgage: A personal mortgage is a type of personal pension plan which utilises the tax free lump sum entitlement from the pension fund at retirement age to repay a mortgage whilst the remainder is used to prov MORE