Perfectly Competitive Financial Markets

Business / Finance / Perfectly Competitive Financial Markets: Markets in which no trader has the power to change the price of goods or services. Perfect capital markets are characterized by certain conditions: (1) Trading is costless, and access to the financial markets is free; (2)information about borrowing and lending opportunities is freely available; and (3) there are many traders, and no single trader can have a significant impact on market prices.

Other Words for Financial

Financial Noun Synonyms: monetary, pecuniary, fiscal, economic

Other Words for Perfectly

Perfectly Noun Synonyms: completely, purely, entirely, absolutely, utterly, totally, wholly, consummately, thoroughly, quite, definitely, positively, unambiguously, unequivocally, unmistakably or unmistakeably, explicitly, truly, very, extremely, extraordinarily, remarkably
Perfectly Adverb Synonyms: exactly, precisely, flawlessly, faultlessly, accurately, literally, line for line, word for word, verbatim, letter for letter, to the letter, literatim
Perfectly Adjective Synonyms: superbly, superlatively, flawlessly, faultlessly, impeccably, inimitably, incomparably, sublimely, exquisitely, marvelously, admirably, wonderfully

Financial Risk

Business / Finance / Financial Risk: The result of dividing one financial statement item by another. Ratios help analysts interpret financial statements by focusing on specific relationships. MORE

Financial Statement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Financial Statement: A report containing financial information derived from an organizational accounting record. MORE

Financial Ratio

Business / Finance / Financial Ratio: A risk structure that spreads investor's risks across low-, medium-, and high-risk vehicles. The bulk of the assets are in safe, low-risk investments that provide a predictable return (base of the pyr MORE