Perpetual Inventory

Business / Finance / Perpetual Inventory: Recordkeeping system in which book inventory is updated daily.

Other Words for Perpetual

Perpetual Adjective Synonyms: eternal, infinite, everlasting, never-ending, unending, perennial, ageless, timeless, long-lived, permanent, unceasing, lasting, enduring, unvarying, unchanging, immutable, invariable, undeviating, sempiternal
Perpetual Verb Synonyms: constant, uninterrupted, continuous, unfailing, incessant, persistent, unremitting, unending, non-stop, endless, recurrent, continual, repetitive

Periodic Inventory Method

Business / Accounting / Periodic Inventory Method: A system of accounting for inventory in which cost of goods sold is determined and inventory is adjusted at the end of the accounting period, not when merchandise is purchased or sold. MORE

Perpetual Bond

Business / Finance / Perpetual Bond: Nonredeemable bond with no maturity date that pays regular interest rates indefinitely. MORE

Periodic Inventory

Business / Accounting / Periodic Inventory: A Periodic Inventory is one whose balance is updated on a periodic basis, ie. every week/month/year. See Inventory . MORE

Number Of Days Of Inventory On Hand

Business / Accounting / Number Of Days Of Inventory On Hand: An alternative measure of how well inventory is being managed: computed by dividing 365 days by the inventory turnover ratio. MORE

National Wetland Inventory

Business / Agriculture / National Wetland Inventory: An ongoing national survey of wetlands conducted by the Fish and Wildlife Service, primarily for scientific purposes. The data and maps it produces were used to track gains and losses of wetlands for MORE

Perpetual Inventory

Business / Accounting / Perpetual Inventory: A Perpetual Inventory is one whose balance is updated after each and every transaction. See Inventory . MORE