Business / Finance / Piece: Apply mainly to convertible securities. Increment of bonds that trade in portions of $1000 minimum. Not all bonds can be traded in 'pieces,' and the increments can vary.

Other Words for Piece

Piece Noun Synonyms: share, portion, fraction, part, division, segment, section, interest, holding, percentage, proportion
Piece Adjective Synonyms: bit, morsel, scrap, chunk, hunk, sliver, lump, portion, particle, fragment, shred, shard or sherd, remnant, quantity

Extended Pole Piece

Technology / Home Audio / Extended Pole Piece: Extended pole pieces on the magnet assembly allow for more voice coil travel, and thus lower Frequency Response, and less chance of 'bottoming out' MORE

Piece Rate

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Piece Rate: A per-piece rate system that pays employees based on the number of pieces produced. MORE

One-Piece Takeaway

Entertainment / Golf / One-Piece Takeaway: When the beginning of the backswing is initiated by the torso, arms and hands moving together as one unit or in one piece MORE


Life Style / Painting / Altarpiece: A decorated screen, panel or series of panels, fixed or movable, placed on or behind the altar. Normally it would carry paintings or reliefs. Two hinged panels comprise a diptych, three a triptych, fi MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Hairpiece: Another phrase for hitting the ball fat, or hitting the ground first - if one were able to freeze time at the right instant the divot might be laying over the top of the ball, reminiscent of a hairpie MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Piece-Bien-Fait: The French term for the dramatic genre called the 'well-made play.' See discussion under well-made play. MORE