Business / Finance / Pip: Used for listed equity securities. Smallest unit of a currency (i.e., cents for U.S. dollars).

Gathering Pipeline

Science / Geology / Gathering Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas between a production well and a main transmission line. MORE

Transmission Pipeline

Science / Geology / Transmission Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas from a region where it is produced to a region where it is stored or consumed. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Hornpipe: Country dance of British Isles, often in a lively triple meter: optional dance movement of solo and orchestral Baroque suite: a type of duple meter hornpipe remains popular in Irish traditional dance MORE


Entertainment / Music / Bagpipe: Wind instrument popular in Eastern and Western Europe that has several tubes, one of which plays the melody while the others sound the drones, or sustained notes: a windbag is filled by either a mouth MORE

Waste Pipe And Vent

Business / Construction / Waste Pipe And Vent: Plumbing plastic pipe that carries waste water to the municipal sewage system. MORE

On The Pipe

Technology / Motorcycle / On The Pipe: When a rider or bike is going very fast. This expression refers to when a competition bike’s two-stroke engine is operating at optimum rpm. Exhaust pipes for these motorcycles are designed to work b MORE