Business / Finance / Pivot: Price level established as being significant by market's failure to penetrate or as being significant when a sudden increase in volume accompanies the move through the price level.

Other Words for Pivot

Pivot Noun Synonyms: pintle, gudgeon, hinge, swivel, pin, kingpin, spindle, fulcrum
Pivot Verb Synonyms: centre, heart, focal point, hub, nave, crux

Reverse Pivot

Entertainment / Basketball / Reverse Pivot: Stepping backward while turning on the pivot foot. MORE

Double Pivot

Entertainment / Basketball / Double Pivot: The double pivot is faking twice on one direction with the ball and going opposite direction thinking twice is the way to go . MORE

Front Pivot

Entertainment / Basketball / Front Pivot: Moving forward while turning on the pivot foot. MORE

Pivot Man

Entertainment / Baseball / Pivot Man: Another term for a second baseman. MORE

Center Pivot Irrigation

Business / Agriculture / Center Pivot Irrigation: A self-propelled irrigation system in which a single pipeline supported on towers rotates around a central point. These systems are typically about one-quarter mile long and serve 128 to 132 acre circ MORE

Rocker Arm

Technology / Motorcycle / Rocker Arm: A centrally pivoted lever that transmits the motion of the camshaft to open and close the valves. MORE