Business / Finance / Place: The marketing of new securities, usually through sales to institutional investors. See: Float.

Other Words for Place

Place Verb Synonyms: put (out), position, situate, locate, dispose, arrange, order, set (out), lay, deposit, station, post, spot, pinpoint, stick, bung
Place Adverb Synonyms: position, job, post, berth, appointment, livelihood, employment, occupation, billet
Place Noun Synonyms: seat, chair, position
Place Adjective Synonyms: function, role, part, purpose, duty, obligation, task, responsibility, charge, chore, burden, concern, mission

Alphetical Places

Science / Astrology / Alphetical Places: Those parts of a horoscope from 5° above the Ascendant to 25° below, from 5° below the Descendant to 25° above, and from 5° preceding the ninth house cusp to the middle of the eleventh house. Ben MORE

Multi-Ethnic Placement Act

Life Style / Adoption / Multi-Ethnic Placement Act: A federal law enacted in 1994 and implemented through state policy. The Multi-Ethnic Placement Act of 1994, as amended, P.L. 103-382 [42 USC 622] prohibits the delay or denial of any adoption or place MORE

Foster Adoption Placement

Life Style / Adoption / Foster Adoption Placement: Foster placement of a child, with adoption being the final goal, once all legal requirements have been met. The couple must be certified as suitable to adopt with their home licensed as a foster home. MORE

Stratified Marketplace

Business / Real Estate / Stratified Marketplace: The real estate market is a marketplace that is stratified based on price. MORE

Lift, Clean And Place

Entertainment / Golf / Lift, Clean And Place: (sometimes also 'preferred lies, winter rules') a mode of play, usually because of muddy or poor course conditions, where through the green the ball may be picked up, cleaned off and replaced (within MORE

Executive Outplacement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Executive Outplacement: A program designed to provide displaced senior-level managerial and professional employees with career management and transition services that go above and beyond what is typically offered through a c MORE