Business / Finance / Plant: The assets of a business including land, buildings, machinery, and all equipment permanently employed.

Other Words for Plant

Plant Noun Synonyms: factory, mill, shop, works, workshop, foundry
Plant Verb Synonyms: flower, vegetable, herb, bush, shrub, tree, vine, weed

Implant Surgery

Health / Dentistry / Implant Surgery: That portion of implant dentistry that concerns itself with the placement of implant devices. MORE

Implant Denture

Health / Dentistry / Implant Denture: A denture which receives its stability and retention from a dental implant. MORE

Long-Day Plants

Science / Biology / Long-Day Plants: Plants that fiower in the summer when nights are short and days are long; e.g., spinach and wheat. MORE

Plant Quarantine

Business / Agriculture / Plant Quarantine: A technique for insuring disease (and pest) free plants by isolating them during a period while performing tests for latent diseases. Often used when importing new cultivars. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Implantologist: One who practices art and science of implant dentistry. MORE

Prevented Planting Acreage

Business / Agriculture / Prevented Planting Acreage: Land on which a farmer intended to plant a program crop or insurable crop, but was unable to because of drought, flood, or other natural disaster. Used in the calculation of disaster payments and crop MORE