Business / Finance / Plug: A variable that handles financial slack in the financial plan.

Other Words for Plug

Plug Verb Synonyms: stopper, stopple, bung, cork
Plug Noun Synonyms: publicity, mention, promotion, recommendation, puff, blurb, PR, advertisement, advert, hype

Plug and Play (PnP)

Technology / Computers / Plug and Play (PnP): A technology developed by Microsoft and Intel that supports plug-and-play installation. PnP is built into the Windows 95 operating system, but to use it, the computer's BIOS and expansion boards must MORE

Double-Banana Plugs

Technology / Home Audio / Double-Banana Plugs: Are the same as banana plugs, except the positive and negative banana connectors are both fixed in a molded housing that spaces them 3/4' apart. (These are even quicker and easier to connect than regu MORE


Technology / Computers / Plug-In: This is a program that your browser uses to manipulate a downloaded file. It differs from a Helper Application in that the plug-in works inside the browser window. MORE

Plug Reversal

Technology / Motors / Plug Reversal: Reconnecting a motor's winding in reverse to apply a reverse braking torque to its normal direction of rotation while running. Although it is an effective dynamic braking means in many applications, p MORE

Banana Plugs

Technology / Home Audio / Banana Plugs: A set of connectors in which 4 spring contacts are wrapped vertically around a central pin like a banana peel. When inserted into the receptacle jack it maintains a strong and consistent contact. This MORE

Plug And Play

Technology / Television (TV) / Plug And Play: A security card or cable card you get from a cable operator that decrypts scrambled cable signals on the sets. It replaced set-top boxes, and is an aspect of digital television. MORE