Plus Tick

Business / Finance / Plus Tick: Used in the context of general equities. Trade occurring at a price higher than the previous sale. Uptick. Antithesis of minus tick. See: Short sale.

Other Words for Plus

Plus Preposition Synonyms: addition, bonus, extra, gain, benefit, asset, advantage, profit, return
Plus Noun Synonyms: and, added to, increased by, with the addition of, with an increment of, (coupled) with, together with

Sell Plus Order

Business / Finance / Sell Plus Order: Market or limit order to sell a stated amount of stock provided that the price to be obtained is not lower than the last sale if the last sale was a plus, or zero plus tick, and is not lower than the MORE

Plus Tick Seller

Business / Finance / Plus Tick Seller: Used for listed equity securities. A short seller (referring to the regulation requiring a plus tick to short). MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stickhandling: The act of controlling the puck with one's stick, especially while manoeuvering through opponents. MORE

Stick The Volley

Entertainment / Tennis / Stick The Volley: A volley hit crisply resulting in shot with a sharp downward trajectory. MORE

Stick Side

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Side: The side on which the goaltender holds the stick; the opposite of glove side. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Stickies: An Australian term for a broad category of sweet wines included fortified and botrytized wines. MORE