Plus Tick Seller

Business / Finance / Plus Tick Seller: Used for listed equity securities. A short seller (referring to the regulation requiring a plus tick to short).

Other Words for Plus

Plus Noun Synonyms: and, added to, increased by, with the addition of, with an increment of, (coupled) with, together with
Plus Preposition Synonyms: addition, bonus, extra, gain, benefit, asset, advantage, profit, return

Other Words for Seller

Seller Verb Synonyms: dealer, vendor, merchant, retailer, shopkeeper, salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, saleslady, sales agent, representative, traveler, travelling salesman, peddler, hawker, colporteur, sutler, chandler, counter-jumper, shop assistant, -mo

Stick Check

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Check: Checking an opponent with the stick. See hook check; poke check; sweep check. MORE

Stick Deke

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Deke: When a player’s stick is moved as though for a shot, but instead the player moves the puck past the defending player; done to fake out the opponent. MORE

Stick Built

Business / Construction / Stick Built: A house built without prefabricated parts. Also called conventional building. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Stick: 1. Another name for the flagstick or pin 2. (also 'stiff, stoney') to put a shot close to the hole MORE

Statutory Surplus

Business / Finance / Statutory Surplus: A merger in which one corporation remains as a legal entity, instead of a new legal entity being formed. MORE

Stick Save

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Save: A save made with the goaltender's stick. MORE