Position Self

Business / Finance / Position Self: Used in the context of general equities. Going long or short in anticipation of a stock's movement.

Other Words for Position

Position Verb Synonyms: site, placement, situation, whereabouts, placing, emplacement, location
Position Noun Synonyms: viewpoint, point of view, outlook, attitude, angle, slant, stance, stand, opinion, inclination, leaning, bent, sentiment, feeling, way of thinking
Position Adjective Synonyms: posture, attitude, stance, pose, disposition, arrangement, disposal

Self Assessment

Business / Accounting / Self Assessment: A new style of income tax return introduced for the 1996/1997 tax year. If you are self-employed, or receive an income which is un-taxed at source, you will need to register with the Inland Revenue so MORE

Self Drinking

Life Style / Tea / Self Drinking: rounded, well bodied tea that can be served unblended MORE

Second Position Of The Leg

Entertainment / Ballet / Second Position Of The Leg: The dancer stands with feet turned out along a straight line as in first position, but with the heels about one foot apart. The term seconded generally means to or at the side, Second position of the MORE

Scoring Position

Entertainment / Baseball / Scoring Position: A runner who is on second or third base is said to be in scoring position because, usually, a single will score him. MORE

Retire Position

Entertainment / Ballet / Retire Position: The working leg is raised to the side, with knee sharply bent so the toe is pointed next to the supporting knee (front, side, back). Common pose during standard pirouette, intermediate position for ot MORE

Self Toning Paper

Entertainment / Photography / Self Toning Paper: Obsolete silver chloride paper used for contact printing in daylight. MORE