Business / Finance / Pot: The portion of stock or bond issue that is returned to the managing underwriter by the participating investment bankers for sale to institutional investors.

Other Words for Pot

Pot Verb Synonyms: pot-belly, paunch, gut, corporation, beer belly, spare tire, bay window
Pot Noun Synonyms: pan, saucepan, cauldron, cook-pot, stewpot, kettle


Science / Biology / Eyespot: 1. A pigmented photoreceptor in euglenoids. The eyespot senses light and orients the cell for maximum rates of photosynthesis. 2. Term applied to a photosenstive area in starfish. MORE

Prairie Potholes

Business / Agriculture / Prairie Potholes: A type of wetland that is at the center of a shallow depression characteristic of glaciated areas in the Upper Midwest (North Dakota especially). Many potholes are wet during only a portion of the yea MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Potentiometer: A three-terminal variable resistor. Two terminals connect to the ends of a flat resistor, while the third terminal is attached to a moveable contact that interfaces with the resistive element. The mov MORE


Business / Finance / Hypothecation: A convertible security whose optioned common stock is trading in a middle range, causing the convertible security to trade with the characteristics of both a fixed income security and a common stock i MORE

Geopotential Anomaly

Science / Tides and Currents / Geopotential Anomaly: The excess in geopotential difference over the standard geopotential difference [at a standard specific volume at 35 parts per thousand (?€°) and 0 degrees C] between isobaric surfaces. See geopote MORE

Pan Pot

Technology / Home Audio / Pan Pot: Short for panoramic potentiometer, this is a knob controlling a voltage divider that can send a signal to a combination of two busses, such as left and right. Always found on mixing consoles to set up MORE