Business / Finance / President: Highest-ranking officer in a corporation after the chief executive officer.

Presidential Election Cycle Theory

Business / Finance / Presidential Election Cycle Theory: A theory that stock market trends can be predicted and explained by the four-year presidential election cycle. MORE

Presidents List

Life Style / College / Presidents List: A category of students in a college or university who achieve high grades during their stay in an academic term or academic year. At Greenville Tech, all students who earn within a semester a minimum MORE

Presidents Day

Life Style / Holiday / Presidents Day: In parts of India, January is the season for the rice harvest. Pongal is a three-day-long harvest festival celebrating the new crop. Newly harvested rice is cooked in a special ceremony and fed to the MORE

Motor Maids

Technology / Motorcycle / Motor Maids: The Motor Maids is a woman's motorcycle organization founded in 1940 by Linda Dugeau of Providence, Rhode Island and Dot Robinson of Detroit, Michigan. Dot was named the first President and remained i MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Usquaebach: A blended Scotch whiskey that dates back to the early 1500's. Recognized by connoisseurs to be the world's finest; Usquaebach was 1st introduced to the U.S. at the 1969 presidential inauguration. 86 p MORE

Willie G

Technology / Motorcycle / Willie G: Willie G. is short for William G. Davidson, Vice-President of Styling for Harley-Davidson. Willie G. is the grandson of one of the founders, William A. Davidson. He is known everywhere affectionately MORE