Property Tax

Business / Finance / Property Tax: A tax levied on real property based on its use and its assessed value.

Other Words for Property

Property Noun Synonyms: characteristic, attribute, quality, feature, trait, mark, hallmark, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, oddity, quirk, haecceity, quiddity
Property Adverb Synonyms: possessions, belongings, effects, gear, paraphernalia, chattels

Other Words for Tax

Tax Noun Synonyms: assess, exact, demand, charge, impose or levy a tax (on), tithe
Tax Adjective Synonyms: levy, impost, duty, tariff, assessment, tribute, toll, excise, customs, charge, contribution, scot, tithe, octroi, cess, rate(s), dues

Real Property Tax

Business / Taxes / Real Property Tax: A real property tax is a local tax on the value of real estate. The property may be assessed at full value, which is presumably the price that the owner could sell it for in the current market, or usi MORE

Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund

Business / Finance / Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund: Levies on the annual income of a business imposed by federal and state governments. On the income statement, this figure does not include property taxes, which are considered an operating expense. MORE

Transfer Tax

Business / Finance / Transfer Tax: The price at which one unit of a firm sells goods or services to another unit of the same firm. MORE

Classified Property Tax

Business / Debt / Classified Property Tax: Property tax which varies in rate depending on the use of the propertyCredit Credit is an agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now and agrees to repay the lender later. MORE

Property Taxes

Business / Real Estate / Property Taxes: Assessment made by county or city assessors office for real property taxes. Payment dates may vary according to state regulation. MORE

Tax Basis

Business / Finance / Tax Basis: The assessed value of the taxable property, assets, and income within a specific geographic area. MORE