Put On

Business / Finance / Put On: Used for listed equity securities. Trade, or cross, a block of stock at the designated price and quantity. See: Print.

Other Words for Put

Put Verb Synonyms: assign, commit, cause, set, consign, subject
Put Adjective Synonyms: place, position, situate, set, lay, station, stand, deposit, rest, settle, locate


Life Style / Painting / Granulation: An effect that can be achieved with wash work when using colours with heavy pigment particles. French ultramarine, ivory black, umbers, siennas and ochres will leave a granulated broken effect if the MORE

Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution (EDGE)

Technology / Cell Phones / Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution (EDGE): The final evolution of data communications within the GSM standard. Based on 8PSK modulation, EDGE provides 3G packet data throughput on GSM networks, and uses a new modulation scheme to enable data t MORE

Performance Bond

Business / Construction / Performance Bond: An amount of money (usually 10% of the total price of a job) that a contractor must put on deposit with a governmental agency as an insurance policy that guarantees the contractors' proper and timely MORE

Guaranteed Reservation

Life Style / Travel / Guaranteed Reservation: A reservation put on hold for a passenger's late arrival. This type of reservation is usually secured by a credit card obligation or even a deposit as a security measure for if the customer does not a MORE

Strip Mortgage Participation Certificate (Strip PC)

Business / Finance / Strip Mortgage Participation Certificate (Strip PC): Variant of a straddle. A strip is two puts and one call on a stock. A strap is two calls and one put on a stock. The puts and calls have the same strike price and expiration date. See: Strap. MORE

R-F Connectors

Technology / Television (TV) / R-F Connectors: An RF coaxial cable type output on a satellite TV set-top box to connect with old TV sets that do not include separate audio and video connectors. This type of connection do not support stereo audio o MORE