Pyramid Scheme

Business / Finance / Pyramid Scheme: An illegal, fraudulent scheme in which a con artist convinces victims to invest by promising an extraordinary return but instead simply uses newly invested funds to pay off any investors who insist on terminating their investment.

Other Words for Scheme

Scheme Verb Synonyms: plan, plot, design, programme, system, course (of action), schema, outline, exposition, projection, draft, method, technique, approach, game plan, scenario
Scheme Adjective Synonyms: pattern, arrangement, layout, design, diagram, blueprint, chart, map, drawing, schematic, disposition, order, organization, schema
Scheme Noun Synonyms: plot, plan, ploy, maneuver, strategy, stratagem, tactic, machination, subterfuge, trick, device, dodge, wile, ruse, intrigue, racket, game, move

Financial Pyramid

Business / Finance / Financial Pyramid: Public relations division of a company charged with cultivating positive investor relations and proper disclosure information. MORE

Rhyme Scheme

Entertainment / Literature / Rhyme Scheme: The pattern of rhyme. The traditional way to mark these patterns of rhyme is to assign a letter of the alphabet to each rhyming sound at the end of each line. For instance, here is the first stanza of MORE


Business / Real Estate / Pyramiding: The process of acquiring properties by refinancing properties already owned and investing the loan proceeds in additional properties. MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Scheme: Figure of speech that varies the order and sound of words. Examples include alliteration, assonance, chiasmus, and rhyme. MORE

Trigonal Bipyramidal

Science / Chemistry / Trigonal Bipyramidal: A molecular shape that results when there are five bonds and no lone pairs on the central atom in the molecule. Three of the bonds are arranged along the atom's equator, with 120° angles between them MORE

Trigonal Pyramidal

Science / Chemistry / Trigonal Pyramidal: A molecular shape that results when there are three bonds and one lone pair on the central atom in the molecule. NH3 is a trigonal pyramidal molecule. MORE