Business / Finance / RICO: Stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act. Legislation under/which inside traders may be convicted.

Puerto Rico Block Grant

Business / Agriculture / Puerto Rico Block Grant: A federal nutrition assistance grant program provided in lieu of the regular food stamp program in Puerto Rico. MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Abricotine: An apricot liqueur made in France. MORE

Apricot Liqueur

Entertainment / Liquor / Apricot Liqueur: A cordial made from apricot pits MORE

Puerto Rico

Life Style / Coffee / Puerto Rico: Yauco coffees from Puerto Rico are a revived specialty origin that, at best, display the qualities that made Jamaica Blue Mountain famous: A deep, vibrant, yet restrained acidity and balanced, gently MORE

Apricot Brandy

Entertainment / Liquor / Apricot Brandy: Apricot flavored brandy. 70 proof. MORE

Azienda Agricola (Italy)

Life Style / Wine / Azienda Agricola (Italy): An estate or farm where wine can be produced. MORE