Business / Finance / Raider: Individual or corporate investor who intends to take control of a company (often ostensibly for greenmail) by buying a controlling interest in its stock and installing new management. Raiders who accumulate 5% or more of the outstanding shares in the target company must report their purchases to the SEC, the exchange of listing, and the target itself. See: takeover.


Entertainment / Literature / Consonance: A special type of alliteration in which the repeated pattern of consonants is marked by changes in the intervening vowels--i.e., the final consonants of the stressed syllables match each other but the MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Danelaw: (Anglo-Saxon, Dena lagu) The region of northeast England up to the southern part of Scotland that was conquered and inhabited by Viking invaders. In 871 CE, a Wessex army under King Aethelred (the Wes MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Camera: In most 3D games, the player's point of view tends to change, often on-the-fly. For example, in Tomb Raider you view the action from the back of your character, but during certain situations (like dea MORE