Business / Finance / Range: The high and low prices, or high and low bids and offers, recorded during a specified time.

Other Words for Range

Range Adjective Synonyms: scope, sweep, reach, limit, extent, span, area, radius, distance, compass, latitude, stretch, sphere, orbit
Range Verb Synonyms: cover, traverse, roam, rove, travel over or across, go or pass over, drift, migrate, wander, move, extend
Range Noun Synonyms: kitchen range, (cooking-) stove, cooker, trade mark Aga, cook-stove

Range Rings Control

Technology / Radar / Range Rings Control: Range rings are displayed on the screen when selected by this control and provide a rough estimate of the distance to a target displayed on the screen. The distance between the range rings is usually MORE

Variable Range Marker

Technology / Radar / Variable Range Marker: A luminous range circle or ring on the ppi, the radius of which is continuously adjust able. The range setting of this marker is read on the range counter of the radar indicator. MORE

Arranger Of Credit

Business / Real Estate / Arranger Of Credit: As defined under the federal Truth-in-Lending Law, a person who regularly arranges for the extension of consumer credit by another person if a finance charge will be imposed, if there are to be more t MORE

Coupled Rangefinder

Entertainment / Photography / Coupled Rangefinder: System of lens focusing which combines the rangefinder and the focusing mechanism, so that the lens is automatically focused as the rangefinder is adjusted. MORE

Great Tropic Range (GC)

Science / Tides and Currents / Great Tropic Range (GC): The difference in height between tropic higher high water and tropic lower low water. The expression may also be used in its contracted form, tropic range. MORE

Adcock Range

Technology / Aviation / Adcock Range: National low-frequency radio navigation system (c.1930-c.1950) replaced by an omnirange (VOR) system. It consisted of four segmented quadrants broadcasting Morse Code 'A' (dot-dash) and 'N' (dash-dot) MORE