Rate Of Interest

Business / Finance / Rate Of Interest: The rate, as a proportion of the principal, at which interest is computed.

Other Words for Interest

Interest Adjective Synonyms: concern, significance, importance, weight, moment, note, consequence
Interest Noun Synonyms: attention, attentiveness, concern, regard, curiosity, scrutiny, notice, engagement

Other Words for Rate

Rate Noun Synonyms: rank, grade, class, classify, evaluate, estimate, calculate, compute, count, reckon, judge, gauge, assess, appraise, measure
Rate Verb Synonyms: measure, pace, gait, speed, velocity, clip

Corporate Bond

Business / Taxes / Corporate Bond: Corporate bonds are debt securities issued by publicly held corporations to raise money for expansion or other business needs. Corporate bonds typically pay a higher rate of interest than federal or m MORE

Stated Rate Of Interest

Business / Accounting / Stated Rate Of Interest: The rate of interest printed on the bond. MORE

Fixed-Rate Loan

Business / Finance / Fixed-Rate Loan: A one-time offer to purchase a stated number of shares at a stated fixed price, usually at a premium over the current market price. MORE

Assumed Interest Rate

Business / Finance / Assumed Interest Rate: Rate of interest used by an insurance company to calculate the payout on an annuity contract. MORE

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Business / Accounting / Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The cost of credit on a yearly basis, expressed as a percentage rather than a dollar amount. MORE

Interest Rate

Business / Accounting / Interest Rate: The cost of using money, expressed as an annual percentage. MORE